I have always been interested in many different fields, from an early love for fashion to a passion for studying science and history. Exploring academic and career opportunities in all of these fields led me again and again back to museums. In exhibit design I have found a way to embrace my myriad interests with the ability to learn and explore new subjects with every project. While the topic may jump from gravity to Giganotosaurus to gingham, I am always passionate about creating dynamic, hands-on educational experiences that make ideas more accessible, engaging, and fun.
When I'm not hard at work you can usually find me in a crazy pair of shoes attempting a new project, past highlights of which include furniture building, board game design, and writing a sci-fi novel!
Currently, I am a graduate student earning my M.F.A. in Exhibition Planning + Design at the University of the Arts. I will be graduating in 2020 and I am looking for exhibition development positions at exhibit design firms and science/natural history museums. Fill out the contact form below to connect.
Thank you!
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