This report details the front-end and formative evaluation conducted for the Please Touch Museum with the aim of determining the efficacy of wall prompts that encourage group interaction in the Thomas & Friends: Explore the Rails temporary exhibition. The purpose of this evaluation is to inform the use of similar prompts in future temporary exhibitions. The objectives of this evaluation are to determine why groups are, or are not, utilizing prompts, how the Please Touch Museum could make them more noticeable and engaging for visitors, and what types of prompts visitors would like (i.e. fun facts, conversation starters, team building exercises, etc.) in the exhibition. The findings of the timing and tracking indicated that visitors were not noticing or utilizing the prompts; however, in the survey 57% of respondents answered ‘yes’ to wanting them. Regarding the content, the findings reveal that visitors would like a variety of prompts with a focus on independent play suggestions. The report details these findings below and offers recommendations for how the Please Touch Museum can best use these prompts in future temporary exhibitions.
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